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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336
Jason Doornick - Always Evolving Racing



Doornick worked at AE (Always Evolving) in Valencia, California – a performance and racing shop – where he became the late Paul Walkers’ personal mechanic and assistant.


Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were co-owners of Always Evolving, a remarkable environment run by a group of automotive addicts. After graduating from Cal Arts in California, Jason devoted himself full-time to cars, and begun an amateur career in Drag Racing, Tuning, Drifting, and Classic Car Restoration.


Paul Walker had an extensive collection of cars, and this is how Doornick learned the techniques of both buying & selling as well as restoration, finances, negotiating, auctioning, race preparation and many other skills. Because of his connection with Mr. Walker, Jason was able to work on some of the cars for the film, Fast & Furious, as well as perform stunts in various other films.




Doornick Driven LLC is a business where art, video, music, culture, and numerous automotive skillsets merge into a unique buying experience for clients. In short…an adventure.




Specializing in Vintage Land Rovers & Mustangs
Car Searches & Acquisition
Car Adventures & Videotaping
Vinyl Wrapping
Parts Sourcing
Classic Car Engine Repair & Restoration
Vintage Engine Swaps
Auctions & eBay

Doornick’s philosophy is that Life should be an adventure, and that includes car buying. He applied his unique background – which also involved robotics & traveling worldwide – into an idea that embraced music, language, food, American 80s aesthetics, computer science, outer space, video games, and acting. He called it, “Doornick Driven.” At your service.

Jason Doornick of Doornick Driven in Stamford. CT