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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336


Car Buying Adventures

Tri-State area. Doornick Driven is an unusual business. We scout for cars, buy or trade, and modify them for you while making it all into an adventure that is documented with highly professional video and photography. Nervous about the whole car buying experience?  Let us convert that stress into an adventure!

(914) 325-7773

Classic Car Restoration

We take particular pleasure in restoring classic cars or scouting them for purchase. Authentic parts can be restored or located, and we know where the sources are for the best prices. Shape up your Dream Car with motorheads who are crazy about the classics.

(914) 325-7773

Custom Car Painting

We offer custom paint services that accent your cars features. This includes calipers, rims, drum brakes, grilles, emblems, lights, interior trim, exhaust, engine components to name but a few.  Our services also include Plasti-Dipping. Change your car color in as little as a day! Plasti Dipping is the process of spraying colored paint foam onto your vehicle. Easily removable when no longer needed. Even more affordable than Vinyl Wrapping.

(914) 325-7773

Classic Engine Swaps

We perform classic car engine swaps, custom tunes for specific vehicles, and heavily modify most classic cars.

(914) 325-7773

Custom Car Adventure Videos, Photography & Detailing

We have an in-house photographer and drone pilot to capture you in your special car…in a sunset, racing, cruising though Vermont forests. We then apply our Doornick Driven aesthetics, and Titles. Custom Videos take about a week.

(914) 325-7773